Version History and change log:

alpha 1: first version
alpha 2: functionality - ability to update busses now works and basic info about busses exists
alpha 3: updates and bug fixes - Data now more reliable
alpha 4: driver and operator change assignments to busses - Details shown on current page too
alpha 5: driver and operator details update
alpha 6: bug fixes
alpha 7-11: Bug fixes and folder changes - All detail update pages in one seperate subfolder
alpha 12: Added ability to add/update busses themselves
alpha 13: Fixed details issues and now all forms allow to add or change an entity without creating bad records


V1.0: First Release - System functional. A few bugs here and there but able to be used for the event
V1.1: Bug fixes
V1.3: New Details Updates index page with new dashboard to see all entities and update them. Also upon emergency status, parts of the result relating to that vehicle flash red and yellow
V1.4: Bug fixes and validation checks on forms. General UI changes and CSS updates. Cleaned up code. Reduced screen real estate usage to fit more in.
V1.5: With 24 hours left before operational use it was decided security would be useful. Therefore a password system has been implemented.

Version witty comments:

Witty comments are the version names you see at the bottom of the page. This is simply to bring humour to the site... because... well... y'know... YOLO

Version 1.0 - Wait... what? James did coding and it works?!!
Version 1.1 - err... Something went wrong...
Version 1.3 - We will just skip 1.2... no one need ever know... Ooooh... pretty colours!
Version 1.4 - The countdown begins... At least it works now!
Version 1.5 - 24 Hours left and suddenly i have a cage around me...